If you’re looking for college admissions assistance for yourself or your child who’s a future college student, this episode of The Scholarship Shark should be of particular interest to you. I was recently in attendance at a HBCU College Fair and chatted with a number of admissions counselors. My goal was to learn exactly what they are looking for in a future applicant to their college, what merit scholarships and assistance programs they offer, how to apply for them, and why they believe their college is a winner. You’ll learn a lot from these genuine people who love their students and I know you’ll you find some great tips to improve your chances of getting those scholarships you’re looking for.

Don’t just work to get into a college or university, work to get it paid for.

One of the things I often say is that parents and students shouldn’t simply work to get be accepted at a college or university, they should also work to get it entirely paid for. The reason I say that is simple: if you’re working hard to do the extra things required to ensure you are awarded merit scholarships or grants, you’re going to easily position yourself as an impressive candidate for any college you are interested in attending. This episode features in-person conversations with college admissions officials from a number of schools who reveal what they are looking for and how they award their merit scholarships. This episode is a great tool for you to use to find the money to pay for higher education.

The best college admissions assistance I can give you is to let you know what colleges are looking for.

So many students I speak to are very concerned about ensuring they are able to get into the school of their choice. I’m glad they take the opportunity so seriously and I want to do anything I can to help them. Toward that end, I’ve recorded these conversations with college admissions counselors, and I’ve asked them exactly what they are looking for in students, what makes an individual student stand out in among a crowded field of potential applicants, and what they can do to rank higher in those official’s minds. Sound interesting? Be sure to take the time to listen.

Many colleges have admission assistance and scholarship programs, but you have to meet their deadlines.

If you take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of an admissions counselor or admissions selection committee for any college or university you’ll quickly realize that they have their work cut out for them. Hundreds and even thousands of candidate applications will pass through their hands, so they have to handle their work in a responsible manner. One of the things they implement to make that possible are application deadlines. It may not seem like a big deal to you to miss a deadline by even a day, but when you see it from the perspective of those inundated with applications, it makes perfect sense. This episode highlights the vital nature of application deadlines as I speak with a number of admissions officials from colleges and universities.

What makes a student stand out to a school admissions officer?

Think about what it must be like for an admissions counselor to do their job, part of which is attendance at college fairs. In the course of a day at a college fair, they may meet hundreds of potential students, not to mention the applications that will wind up on their desks and in their email. In that mass of interested students, how are YOU going to make an impression they won’t forget? This episode contains a number of conversations I had with school admissions officials and I asked them that exact question. You’ll get a ton of help from the things they share, so be sure you make the time to listen so that YOU can be the one they remember.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:23] The reason I asked the questions I did of these admissions counselors.
  • [4:37] My chat with Dr. Alexander, Executive Director of Admissions at Norfolk State University.
  • [10:50] Speaking with Mr. Barnes and Ms. Austin from the Admissions office at Lincoln University.
  • [21:21] Quincy Barnes, student from Lincoln University.
  • [24:38] David Roberts, Admissions Officer from Morgan State University.
  • [31:08] Victoria Watkins: Assistant Director of Admissions at Virginia State University.
  • [42:10] Steve Washington: President of the HBCU Delaware Coalition, Inc.

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