Even if it’s not statistically true, 2017 seems to have been one of the biggest years for natural disasters in history. I can’t remember a time when we’ve had so many crisis events going on at the same time, and the timing is especially difficult for high school students who are beginning their college application process. As you might imagine, the hurricanes in the south have affected many students who have had to flee their homes. In this episode, I’m going to run you through many of the things that are being done to help students, and I also point out a few ways you can directly help people who are impacted by these natural disasters. Nothing can stop you if you really want to get your applications in, not even natural disasters.

ACT and SAT accommodations to students impacted by natural disasters

Many of the natural disasters that have happened recently impacted students who were scheduled to test for the SAT or ACT. What happens if you were scheduled to sit for a test but weren’t able to make your appointment because of the dangers of a hurricane? The good news is that the test probably didn’t happen as scheduled if that’s the case, and both the ACT and SAT are creating delayed testing dates for those who were impacted. Find out how you can get into a postponed testing group, on this episode.

Many colleges are extending their application deadlines due to the natural disasters

Though natural disasters are legitimately dangerous and quite inconvenient, even they can’t stop you from getting your college applications completed and submitted if you are committed to the process. Many colleges are making it easier for you to get your application in if you were displaced or seriously affected by a natural disaster. That’s good news you need to take full advantage of. On this episode, I give you my advice for making inquiries into the possibility of extended application deadlines for your college applications.

Even if a natural disaster has delayed your college application plans, there’s still time

Though the natural disasters the U.S. has experienced recently have delayed many college application processes, the good news is that we’re still early in the application cycle. That means you still have time and can make up for what time you have lost if you are diligent. I’ve researched the accommodations being made by colleges and testing organizations and have compiled my own list of advice for those of you who want to make it happen in spite of the natural disasters – and I share them on this episode, so be sure you listen.

Nothing can stop you from getting in your college applications if you’re willing to put in the work

The natural disasters that have impacted the United States this year have many people scrambling to recover. It’s understandable, much has been lost. But inspiring stories are already being heard about people who have not allowed these events to make them into victims. You can be one of those people who doesn’t allow anything to stop you as you pursue your goal of a college education at the school of your choice. My encouragement to you is this: Go for it! Listen to this episode to hear some of the ways you can take advantage of the things colleges and organizations are doing to help you recover and move forward.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:22] Congratulations to Lauren and Tamara
  • [2:04] The natural disasters plaguing the nation and the timing for college decisions
  • [3:52] 3 issues relating to applying to college during a natural disaster
  • [9:00] What we know to be true about this situation
  • [10:45] My tips for those applying who have been affected by these disasters.
  • [15:40] Being part of an extended family as you work the application process.
  • [18:59] Get the 2017-2018 academic timeline.

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