12th Grade

If you do decide to work with Pam Andrews for the Senior Program, these are some of the benefits you will encounter by working with her:

  • Facilitate family relations by reducing the parent/student stress
  • Design and maintain a program of courses and extracurricular activities that best reflects the student’s abilities through their senior year.
  • Research and explore great college matches tailored to your student
  • Provide individual attention to every aspect of the student’s college admission process
  • Specialized tips on how to further stand out from thousands of other college applicants
  • Advise on preparing an excellent selection of essays
  • Create a college application strategy to increase acceptance opportunities to the best-suited schools
  • Online tools that provide motivation and assistance in meeting upcoming deadlines
  • Practice and refine personal interview skills in one-on-one sessions
  • Support with identifying and applying for private, third-party scholarships