In Pursuit of College Board Game [2018 Edition]




Graduate from high school with scholarship money for college.  Beware… there will be choices along the way that can take you closer to your dream college or farther away! Each player starts out in 9th grade as they make their way to Graduation Day.  While in high school, they will have to complete activities in the college planning process, maintain a competitive GPA and win scholarship money.   With several realistic, fun options, and over 40 actual scholarships that students from 6th grade through college can apply for in 2018, this is one game your kids may beg you to play.

Caution:  Playing this game may cause you to gain a better understanding of how to get into college and win scholarships to pay for it.

Pre-order your copy today!  Ships February 2018.

Includes actual scholarships with deadlines, eligibility requirements, and contact information for 2018.

Game contains:

  • (168) Events, Choices, Questions and Scholarships Cards
  • (32)  GPA Cards
  • (9) Dream College Cards
  • (6) Pawns
  • (1) Die
  • (1) Pack of Transcripts
  • Scholarship Money
  • College Admissions Terms
  • Instructions

Cost:  $59.99

Number of Players:  2 to 6 players.

Ages of Players:  Ages 12 and up.

The 2018 Edition of In Pursuit of College will ship in February, 2018.  Order your game today!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3 in


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